Need Wood for Your Fireplace?

Need Wood for Your Fireplace?

Find quality firewood for sale near you

Being able to remove trees allows us to store and sell firewood. All Area Tree Care has plenty of firewood for sale and delivery available in the Greater Denver Metro Area. We offer a firewood city mix blend, where you can choose from half or full cord pricing.

Schedule your firewood delivery today

Schedule your firewood delivery today

Do you love the sound, smell and sight of all-natural hardwood crackling in a fire? Then you're in luck. All Area Tree Care offers firewood for sale near you. Our firewood is perfect for:

  • Fire pits
  • Summer campfires
  • Home fireplaces
  • Wood-burning stoves

Experience the cozy feeling that only a gently blazing fire can give by picking up a cord of firewood today.

Need firewood delivered to you? Call now to schedule your firewood delivery in the Greater Denver Metro Area and beyond.




Colorado select hard wood firewood for sale. Generous half cords and full cord prices.

Our Pine & Aspen mix makes a great camp fire for those weekend get-a-ways. Most people like the "City Mix" blend of wood that has both softer woods & lots of hardwood included. Because we are a tree service company, all the wood is collected from trees we have removed or cut down. Only the best wood is hand selected (cut & split) then offered for sale.

Delivery & stacking is available at an additional charge. Picking up the wood is by appointment only. You must haul all the wood away in one trip. The smallest quantity we sell is ½ cords (4'X4'X4') 64 cubic feet.

Call 303-341-1273 for current pricing.